The Impact of Sukuk Investment in Developing the UAE Economy

  • Apr 23, 2018
The Impact of Sukuk Investment in Developing the UAE Economy

Dr. Abdussalam, Co – Founder of HLC

authored a new book on Islamic Economics and finance

About the Book


This book is contribution of HLC Foundation to Islamic Economic and Blockchain technology. The book focus on Sukuk as is an integral part of Islamic economics and finance. It is an excellent source of funding for governments or companies who are craving for Shariah compliant tools which can foster the economic growth. The governments around the globe have taken deep interest in issuing and promoting Sukuk as the mainstream financial tools and the government of UAE particularly Dubai government has taken the lead in ensuring the emirate being one of the first adapters of Sukuk development in order to diversify its economy. Sukuk are structured to comply with Shariah by paying profit instead of interest. This is achieved by involving a tangible asset in the investment. The UAE has recorded substantial success in the implementation of Sukuk to the extent that they are poised to become the center of Sukuk trading globally. Such UAE substantial successful implementation of Sukuk can benefit Sukuk issuance in Nigeria, by considering the huge infrastructural gap facing Nigeria and the challenges being faced by the Federal Government due to steep decline in oil revenue.

Dr. Abdussalam is a professor of Islamic Economics and Blockchain technology. He holds doctorate degree from International Islamic University Malaysia (2005) in Shar’iah law. He is currently Co-Founder of HLC Foundation,  Dubai United Arab Emirates.