HLC(HalalChain) Blockchain Project Status Report — Week 49

  • May 12, 2019
HLC(HalalChain) Blockchain Project Status Report — Week 49

Work Completed

Underlying Public Chain Development:

•Completed P2P network function and fixed  bugs.

•Completed P2P network layer function development,prepared for joint integration.

DAG Development:



Wallet& Browser Development:

•Optimized UI on IOS user’s experience, achieved multiple language version.

•Tested all the transaction functions and fixed bugs.

•Located server api instability problem and drafted solution.

•Optimized the UI on Android user’s experience;

achieved multiple language version.

•Researched high-performance app web development frameworks.

•Studied ETH’s Dapp implementation logic.

•Researched wallet cross-chain logic.

Mining& Mine Pool:

•Troubleshooted packet loss issues of mine pool test server.

•Modified backstage payment management and test bugs.

•Tested payment backstage PPLNS model.

•Achieved Cuckoo algorithm implements source code research.

•Compiled and deployed the grin test node.

•Studied grin code to understand the pow implementation in grin.

Work in progress next week

Underlying Public Chain Development:

•Linkaging integration of the main network, wallet, mining.

•Local test environment and multi-node development environment.

DAG Development:

•Research AvivYais’s PHANTOM realization.

•Optimize PHANTOM algorithm.

Wallet& Browser Development:

•Create new branches under the completed main network code, integrate wallet related functions.

•Redesign of the browser architecture in the wallet.

•Joint test with main net and mining.

•Research the cross-chain logic of your wallet.

•Logical integration with the main net and mining.

Mining& Mine Pool:

•Mining pool whole network computing power data capture development.

•Developing power calculator module.

•Continue to study the grin’s Pow code implementation.

•Adding cuckoo algorithm in HLC-miner.