HLC(HalalChain) Blockchain Project Status Report — Week 48

  • May 12, 2019
HLC(HalalChain) Blockchain Project Status Report — Week 48
Work Completed

Underlying Public Chain Development

Completed peer to peer network layer function development and preparation for Joint Integration.

DAG Development:

1.Phantom: an efficient implementation.

2.Fixed DAG bug of Nox project.

Wallet& Broswer Development:

1.Optimized UI on ISO and fix its bug.

2.Completed HLC transfer function integration.

3.Completed ERC20 Token Test Net transaction.

4.Optimized UI on Android and fix its bug.

5.Tested the result feedback and function adjustment.

6.Researched the implementation logic of ETH’s Dapp.

7.Researched cross-chain logic of wallet.


Mining& Mine Pool Development:

1.Completed early stage of Mine Pool home page.

2.Improved Payment Management function.

3.Researched cuckoo algorithm and its relevant problem.

Next Week’s Plan

Underlying Public Chain Development:

1.Preparing main network,wallet,mining adjustment and integration.

2.Test integrated network’s functions.

DAG Development:

1.Continue researching the algorithm in Phantom:an efficient implementation and optimize the algorithm.


Wallet& Broswer Development:

1.Completing Feedback and modification of new test questions.

2.Re-optimizing browser UI and information UI in wallet.

3.Researching ETH’s Dapp implementation logic.

4.Researching the cross-chain logic of the wallet.

5.Completing logical integration with the main network and mining.

Mining& Mine Pool Development:

1.Testing Payment Management Function.

2.Solve the issue of accidental disconnection with mine pool during long connection time.

3.Achieving cuckoo algorithm source code research.