HLC(HalalChain) Blockchain Project Status Report — Week 46

  • May 12, 2019
HLC(HalalChain) Blockchain Project Status Report — Week 46
Work Completed

Underlying Public Chain Development:

1.Completed the development of DNS server program that is monitored by user node.

2.The P2P network layer has been tested in the development environment, and the basic functions have been implemented.


DAG Development:

1.Completed the Conflux integration in the Nox project.

2.Completed the optimization of DAG framework in the Nox project.

3.Researching on phantom:an efficient implementation.


Wallet& Browser Development:

1.Optimized UI in IOS App.

2.Completed ETH test network transaction.

3.Completed ERC20 Token Test Network Trading.

4.Completed ETH main network transaction.

5.Completed ERC20 Token main network transaction.

6.Modified BTC test network transactions.

7.Integrated BTC main network Api.


1.Added wallet query balance function.

2.Added network access request.

3.Changed all transaction query request interface unified induction.

4.Modified some runtime bugs.

5.Fixed a bug in the HLC-privnet transaction.

6.Replaced the formal environment for testing.

7.Testing through formal environment ETH and token trading queries.


Mining& Mining Pool Development:

1.Researching on Cuckoo Cycle algorithm.

2.Researching on Cuckoo 30 algorithm.

Next Week’s Plan

Underlying Public Chain Development:

1.Reviewing the final code before the joint test, preparing the hardware and software resources used in the joint test.

2.Conducting test for more features in the development environment.

DAG Development:

1.Continue researching on phantom:an efficient implementation.

2.Optimizing a version of phantom.


Wallet& Browser Development:

1.Optimizing IOS APP.

2.Optimizing wallet code.

3.Optimizing the style specification in the browser front-end page.

Mining& Mining Pool Development:

1.Completing the development of back-end and front-end of mining pool clearing function.

2.Fixing the BUG on the HLC server and the mining program.

3.Developing the mining pool external API.