HLC(HalalChain) Blockchain Project Status Report — Week 45

  • May 12, 2019
HLC(HalalChain) Blockchain Project Status Report — Week 45
Underlying Public Chain Development

●Developed DNS server program for user nodemonitoring.
●Stripped the go-libp2p corefunctionality to the smallest functional unit, extracted the p2p corefunctionality required by the HLC core.
●Tested the function of the streamlined go-libp p2p library. 

DAG Development

●Completed the implementation of Confluxalgorithm POC.

●Completed DAG double spending transaction test implementation in the core program of public chain.

●Completed Integration of Conflux algorithm inthe core program of the public chain.

Wallet& Browser Development

●Upgraded wallet functionality;

integrated ETH; created new branches.

●Completed ETH test environment transaction.

●Modified the wallet generation format,added encryption function;

●Added profiles to manage multi-currency generation.

●Added new features to generate individual currency.

●Researched ETH smart contracts.

●Researched completion of account query under the smart contract.

●Completed the trading call under the smart contract.

●Verified that web3.js is not available in iOS Javascript Core instead using web3 swift.

●Completed using web3swift to integrate ETH in IOS.

●Completed ETH wallet creation in IOS.

●Completed the ERC20 token balance query in IOS.

●Fixed Android pagecompatibility issues.

●Completed ETH balance query in IOS.

●Replaced the Android API.

Mining& Ming Pool Development

●Joint testing with the mining pool and repairrelated issues.

●A white paper on the mining pond was prepared;

collected materials for the mining and mining pool sections.

●Joint debugging with mining procedures.

Underlying Public Chain Development

●Completing the integration of core network layer of the public chain.
●Establishing a network environment in the lateroverall operation.

DAG Development

●Optimizing Conflux integration in the coreprogram of the HLC public chain.

●Optimizing DAG framework in public chain coreprogram.

Wallet& Browser Development

●Integrating smart contract.

●Updating the latest wallet beta.

●Testing HLC Token in the wallet.

●Integrating ETH trading in IOS.

●Integrating ERC20 token trading.

●Completing Android’s adaptation and testing of new features.

●Completing P2p core content research.

Mining& Ming Pool Development

●Completing Cuckoo Cycle algorithm research.

●Completing mining pool management background function development:

currency review function,report function.

●Completing the mining pool deployment on the HLCserver.