HLC(HalalChain) Blockchain Project Status Report — Week 44

  • May 12, 2019
HLC(HalalChain) Blockchain Project Status Report — Week 44

Last week’s work summary:

Underlying Public Chain Development

●The core functions of go-libp2p are stripped to the minimum functional units, and the p2p core functions required by HLC coreare extracted.
●Tested and streamlined the go-libp2p library feature.

DAG Development

●Completed the allocation strategy of miningreward based on DAG technology.

●Completed Integration of the Conflux algorithm.

●Mining team on DAG docking and BUG modification.

Wallet& Browser Development

IOS Wallet:Completed BTC/HLC wallet creation,mnemonic import and export, wallet switch.Completed the development of the wallet information function and thereplacement of the new version of UI;

Modified the display errors of some pages.

Android Wallet:Replaced part of the framework makesthe page more responsive;

Modified the bug in the process of BTCtransaction and the display problem of some pages;

Completed the development of the newversion of UI to better adapt to the use of mobile phone screen;

Completed the background API of wallet information, and adapt tomulti-terminal paging.

Browser Development:Completed the new UI design and Bugrepair of mobile terminal browser;

Researching on the core code offront-end implementation of wallet multi-chain function;

Optimized related issues in the test wallet function and reviewing thecode.

Mining& Ming Pool Development

●Tested mining scenarios with multiple tradingtransactions in a dag-based block.

●Mining pool development supported by DAG.

●The pool is deployed on HLC server and somepackaging compilation issues have been modified.

Next Week’s Plan:

Underlying Public Chain Development

●Completing public chain core network layer integrationdevelopment and verification.

●Setting up the networkenvironment of the overall running time.

DAG Development

●Fixing DAG double spending problem.

●Achieving mining reward allocation strategy.

●Completing the Integration of the Confluxalgorithm.

Wallet& Browser Development

●Researching and developing ETH transactionlogic.

●Researching and developing of ERC20 contracttransfer transaction.

●Completing the ios js library thatincludes ETH.

●Completing the development of jsside transaction signature logic.

Mining& Mining Pool Development

●Testing the mining of multiple mining nodesbased on DAG.

●Interfacing with mining program on HLC server.

●Developing mining pool management backgroundfunction:

currency audit function, report function, etc.