HLC(HalalChain) Blockchain Project Status Report — Week 39

  • May 12, 2019
HLC(HalalChain) Blockchain Project Status Report — Week 39

Last week’s work summary:

Underlying Public Chain Development

●Completed the support of wallet content management API and server deployment.
●Migrating p2p dependencies.

●Researching on go-libp2p.

DAG Development

●Researching on mining reward distribution based on DAG branch.

●Completed the DAG code optimization and BUG modification.

●Building a middleware model to facilitate the replacement of future DAG algorithms.

Wallet& Browser Development

●IOS Javascript Core:Completed btc/hlc wallet creation;Completed btc/hlc import mnemonic;Completed btc/hlc export mnemonic;Completed btc/hlc transaction signature.

●Testing and fixing bugs.

●Fixed a bug that was first loaded in multiple languages for released versions.

●Changed and tested the problem of BTC generating wallet.

●Replaced some new version pages for multi-wallet (BTC, HLC).

●Updated and written part of the JS framework and replaced some pages.

●Tested and fixed browser bugs on mobile ios.

●Optimized browser-friendly page for browsers.

●Researching on the implementation principle and research code of the wallet based on HLC.

Mining& Mining Pool Development

●Completed the front page development of the mining pool website and the implementation of the website interface.

●Research on DAG mining reward algorithm.

●Completed the mature mining reward mechanism.

●Research on GPU parallel algorithm after DAG protocol leads to block structure change.

Next Week’s Plan:

Underlying Public Chain Development

●Cooperated with the main branch of the core code of the public chain to conduct p2p related research, tailoring and migration.

●Completed the code implementation of P2P network layer.

DAG Development

●Nox-based testing and code supplementation.

●Consensus algorithm Conflux research and project integration.

Wallet& Browser Development

●iOS mobile phone BTC Integration, testing and new UI update.

●Android mobile phone BTC integration, testing and new UI update.

●Researching on wallet ETH-based code implementation logic.

Mining& Mining Pool

●Optimizing mining pool website front-end.

●Testing mining pool.

●For the new block chain structure of DAG protocol, Optimizing blake2b algorithm by GPU parallel algorithm.