HLC(HalalChain) Blockchain Project Status Report — Week 36

  • May 12, 2019
HLC(HalalChain) Blockchain Project Status Report — Week 36

Underlying Public Chain Development

●Completed the researching on Peer to Peer network layer framework.
●Completed overall process debugging and modifications.

● Completed code refactoring and optimization.

DAG Development

●Optimized the code logic of Block Dag.

● Fixed the bugs regarding transaction.

Wallet&Browser Development

●Optimized the wallet creation page.

●Optimized the page regarding import private key and keywords.

●Optimized API requests.

●Fixed issues regarding view keywords invalid.

●Researching on CocoaPods to introduce C library.

●Completed Blake2.swift private library and validation.

●Created starting merge HLC and BTC.

●Generated the wallet address by combination.

●Imported the private key by combination.

●Merged import keywords.

●Merged address generation.

●Completed the structural adjustment of the database.

●Completed query optimization and increase query frequency by about 2000/35 times.

●Fixed transaction BUG, can be traded multiple times.

●Added the browser UTXO interface.

●started working on creating and designing the function of automatic transfer.

●Writing blockchain browser technical documentation.

●Improved data display and bug modification based on the adjusted interface.

●Researching on the noxjs source code.

Mining Pool Development

●Completed the mining procedure and the mining pool to coordinate the mining test based on the mine pool agreement on the public chain.

●Completed the implementation of the storage module, including redis storage and database storage.

●Completed the log module implementation.

●Developing the clear function.

●Developing the transaction function.


●Cooperated with the mining pool to complete the mining and joint adjustment on the public chain.

●Added the corresponding configurability: configuration of general parameters, such as: set the graphics card GPU core clock speed, set the memory usage size.

●Working on DAG mining research.