HLC(HalalChain) Blockchain Project Status Report — Week 35

  • May 12, 2019
HLC(HalalChain) Blockchain Project Status Report — Week 35
Underlying Public Chain Development

●Researching on the relevant framework of the Peer to Peer network layer for the deployment of the preparing.
●Testing on the process of the entire network, fixing bugs and security vulnerabilities.

●Optimizing and refactoring the relevant code of the public chain to promote blockchain performance.

DAG Development

●Completed the multipl developing test to fix relative bugs.

Wallet&Browser Development

●Completed the IOS blake2b256 blake2b512 code and keep the noxjs-lib results consistent.

●Replaced utxo query interface.

●Modified sending transaction page data verification.

●Making compile C library into ios available framework by researching.

●Completed the wallet server to rebuild the query interface and optimized the SQL structure.

●Added a browser interface, away from the underlying nox.

●Completed Android support for JS compatibility.

●Making compile BTC into js file by researching on BTC code.

●Synchronize the btc-lib.js and hlc-lib method names for easy calling.

Mining Pool Development

●Completed the mine pool to support BTC, mining procedures and mining pools linked to BTC mining.

●Completed task scheduling module development.

●Completed the development of some basic functions of the mining pool, coinbase construction, merkleTree branch construction, benefit distribution.

●Completed the development of’ mining pool to support NOX, mining procedures and mining pool joint adjustment NOX mining.

●Completed the storage module implementation, including redis storage, database storage.

●Completed log module implementation.

Mining Development

●Optimized blake2b 256 NVIDIA graphics card, added the configuration of conventional parameters, such as graphics card GPU core clock speed, memory usage size settings, and joint adjustment with NOX mining ore pool to improve mining efficiency.