HLC(HalalChain) Blockchain Project Status Report — Week 32

  • May 12, 2019
HLC(HalalChain) Blockchain Project Status Report — Week 32

Underlying Public Chain Development:

1.Completed the research on Libp2p framework.

2.Completed the overall process debugging and bug modification.

3.Refactored and optimized code.

4.Related js-lib: Completed bugs modification and feature verification.


1.Completed the optimization of SPECTRE, modification of bugs, and refactored the code and added more comments.

2.Trying to merge SPECTRE and PHANTOM.

3.Optimized recPastBlockSet.

Wallet&Browser Development:

1.Completed the transaction by completing the client’s tagging and verification with iOS and Android.

2.Added the hook program of the main network rpc to complete the monitoring of the generated block.

3.Added a data cache and database solution for the wallet server.

4.Built an internal sharing service for the hlc team.

5.Assist in the deployment of mining remote server.

6.Optimized calls to the local js core library.

7.Optimized local database calls.

8.Completed the js core library for transaction signature.

9.Completed local signature for transaction transfer.

10.Completed the Noxjs-lib newly added address generation method.

11.Revised and improved the transaction signature method.

12.Regenerated the nox-h5.js method.

13.Modified the corresponding calling method and page according to the new version of nox-h5.js.

14.Replaced the new version of the transaction local signature.

Mining Pool:

1.Comparative study of mine pond framework, development of mine pond framework.

2.Completed Mining Pool Home UI Design.

3.Completed mining pool website front-end development.

4.Mining pool api combing.

5.Mining pool data flow confirmation.

6.Public chain mining pool RPC interface combing.

Mining Development:

1.Mining application and public chain joint testing;

2.Implementing blake2b encryption algorithm in C language.