HLC(HalalChain) Blockchain Project Status Report — Week 30

  • May 12, 2019
HLC(HalalChain) Blockchain Project Status Report — Week 30
Underlying Public Chain Development:

1. Added an api to get the block header.

2. Modified the transaction fee logic, which should not be allowed to 0, and added the prompt information when the fee is abnormal.

3. Modified the command prompt information repeated in the previous command line.

4. Completed the trading process debugging and bug modification.

5. Refactored and added the getHash and getId logic of the transaction.

6. About js-lib:Added script asm/hex conversion and unit test; refactored and exported settings for serialization type.


DAG Development:

1. Modified related bugs to Block Parents.

2. Merged the code and the functions GetBlockTemplateResult.Bits, getBlockTemplate, and TemplateRequest into the DAG branch.

3. Refactored the module name to makes the underlying project style is consistent.


Wallet& Browser Development:

1. Modified the framework bug in H5 side; Completed the transshipment transaction, and solved the bug of the js library in the andorid page.

2. Solved the problem that iPhoneX background image is not a full screen.

3. Refactored the navigation structure in H5, Android& iOS to make the business more reasonable.

4. Solved the problem that the calling transaction interface transmission parameter matching was unsuccessful.

5. Completed the creation of the wallet in IOS side and the function of private key and mnemonic export function.

6. Completed the wallet full process testing and bug modification.

7. Modified the bug to get the UTXO interface.

8. Modified the data query display and test findings of the page according to the adjusted browser API interface.

9. Modified the entire layout and css style of the blockchain browser based on the specified browser layout and style.

10. Recorded some issues to be confirmed during the process of modifying the browser.


Mining Development:

1. Optimized BLAKE2b-256 algorithm graphics card.

2. Completed the public chain getblocktemplate RPC interface development.

3. Completed the public chain submitblock RPC interface development.

4. The mining program transferred the public chain getblocktemplate RPC function development.