HLC(HalalChain) Blockchain Project Development Report — Week 55

  • Jun 2, 2019
HLC(HalalChain) Blockchain Project Development Report — Week 55
  • HLC weekly updates usually consist of the work updates about the HIPs (HLC improvement protocols), core block-DAG development, browser development, mining and mining pool development, wallet development.

Highlights of In this week

  • Completed one important system tests in our internal test-net
  • completed the deployment of test mining pool node in the test-net

Work Completed:

HLC Core Development

  • Fixed errors in the hips6 proposal
  • Completed the P2SH transaction function
  • Improved the nx user guide and submit it to Github
  • Completed interface interacting between DAG browser and DAG full node
  • Wrote stress test batch generation transaction script
  • Taxation design on blockchain network.
  • Mining and pre-minding design of DAG-PoW system

Wallet Development

  • Improved the function of wallet client
  • Supported the more token base on erc20
  • Added mnemonic confirmation page
  • Fixed a bug about checking the balance
  • Refactor the logic of the wallet server
  • Deployed local node of BTC and relational API programs


  • HIP: block reward schedule and transaction fees design of DAG-PoW system.
  • HIP: token staking design of cryptocurrency.
  • Contents of HIP — — IAO design about OnChain Governance, Will be used for community discussion.
  • Wrotte HIPS of PHANTOM edition V2
  • Wrote stress test report
  • Improved the stress test scheme
  • Cuckoo opencl kernel developing and debugging
  • nx integrated ed25519 encryption algorithm
  • Improved HIPS of confirmation time
  • DAG browser 3D effect demo development

White Paper:

  • DAG whitepaper: refine whitepaper, fix bibliography and mistakes

Work In Progress:

  • HLC Core Development
  • Completing the atomicswap script js implementation
  • Completing the atomicswap script Golang implementation
  • Implementing SPECTRE confirmation time POC

Wallet Development

  • Transaction testing on DAG full node of testnet
  • Refactor process logic of the wallet server
  • Using the local BTC node api to transaction

Community Development

  • Researching on building GitHub page and consider building hlcfans home page and forums


  • Research the application of tax on blockchain: target of tax, tax rate, and welfare system
  • In-depth study of the current POW currency: initial difficulty setting, pre-mining and pre-mining distribution, etc
  • Further study of block reward selection and transaction fee design space in POW system
  • Submitting HIP about Gateway Design on staking system
  • DAG browser front-end 3D effect development
  • Cuckoo OpenCL kernel developing and debugging
  • Writing 1of2 POW (pow v2) hips
  • Completing HIPS of “Compact storage in linearly ordered block DAG”
  • Atomicswap Golang script commit to Github