HLC Board of Directors appoints Dr. Mohammed Burhan Arbouna as New Global Advisor

  • Jul 16, 2018
HLC Board of Directors appoints Dr. Mohammed Burhan Arbouna as New Global Advisor

The Board of Directors (hitherto known as “Board”) of the leading Blockchain company HLC Technologies has resolved to approve the appointment of Dr. Mohammed Burhan Arbouna as Global Advisor. Dr. Burhan will serve as member of HLC International Advisory Board for a three-year term starting from 1stJune 2018- April 30th 2021.


“On behalf of the Board, we are truly excited to have Dr. Burhan as our Global Advisor,” according to Mr. Abdulla Guangyu Han, Chairman of HLC Foundation. “We are full of anticipation that Dr. Burhan, a world-renowned Shariah scholar, and Islamic Economics expert, will bring to HLC Foundation a new dimension of its operation.  We look forward to having close and sustainable interactions with him.”


The HLC International Advisory Board is the body responsible for advising the company on Best Practices of Marketing, Global Operations and Branding, Management Business Strategy and Shariah Governance Systems as well as Business Development and Risk Control of HLC Foundation.


About Dr. Mohammed Burhan Arbouna


Dr. Mohammed Burhan Arbouna is an expert in Islamic banking and finance. His experience in Islamic banking and finance goes back to 1997. Before joining Al Salam Bank Bahrain, Dr. Arbouna was the Shari’a Head and Shari’a Board member in the Seera Investment Bank BSC Bahrain. Dr. Arbouna worked as the Head of Shari’a department in the Kuwait Finance House–Bahrain. In addition, Dr. Arbouna worked as a Shari’a researcher and consultant for the Accounting and Auditing Organization for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI)–Bahrain. Dr. Arbouna lectures on Islamic banking and finance and gives consultancy on orientation and professional programmes for a number of professional and educational institutions.


Dr. Arbouna is a Sharia Board member in a number of Islamic institutions including AL SALAM BANK, Bahrain, Bahrain Development Bank, First Global- Sri Lanka, International Islamic Financial Market (IIFM), Yasaar Limited and Central Bank of Nigeria. He was a member of Editing Committee of International Islamic Financial Board (IFSB) and a member of steering committee for International Liquidity Management Framework under the supervision of Central Bank of Bahrain.

Dr. Mohammed Burhan Arbouna obtained an MA in Comparative Laws and a Ph.D. in laws with specialization in Islamic banking and finance from International Islamic University Malaysia. His B.A. degree in Shari’a and a higher Diploma in Education was obtained from Islamic University, Medina.