HalalChain Welcomes Chairman of Indonesia Islamic Fintech Association Aboard as Indonesian Co-Founder

  • Apr 25, 2018
HalalChain Welcomes Chairman of Indonesia Islamic Fintech Association Aboard as Indonesian Co-Founder

1- Parallel force strengthening Islamic Economy locally & globally.
2- Helping halal assurance on products through blockchain technology.

23 April 2018 – Ronald Yusuf Wijaya, Co-Founder of the world first Islamic crowdfunding platform Ethiscrowd, providing social impact financing on affordable housing projects, has confirmed to be on board as Indonesian Co-Founder of HalalChain.

Ronald has been appointed as Indonesia Country Head of Ethis since 2015, leading the team in Indonesia on project managements and local developer partners.  Through the platform, individuals can collectively fund affordable housing development project in a means of profit-sharing investment, peer-to-peer financing. Its strong market presence has attracted Global Islamic Fintech Stakeholders and awarded the platform as the Best Islamic Crowdfunding Platform and Islamic Economy Awards in 2016.  This year, Ethis also initiated a formation of Indonesia Islamic Fintech Association (AFSI), with Mr. Wijaya elected as the Chairman.

As for the Indonesian Halal market, Ronald Yusuf Wijaya, said “Indonesia as a country with the largest Muslim population of over 260 million is seeking to be a Global Halal product producer. This is a huge potential referring to the growth of Halal life style domestically. Nowadays, people are more & more aware about Halal products, not only as a product for the Muslims, but considered as quality assurance and premium products.”

“Looking at the potentials, we are now at the piloting to seal partnerships with local producers and manufacturers that provide halal goods, starting with poultry & cattle, knowing that Indonesia is the number 1 consumer for halal foods and being in the top 10 of halal industry market.”

“The next step would be initiating strategic collaborations with halal certification Institutions, to enhance halal assurance using the most advanced technology. At the same time HalalChain will give stronger levarage when it comes to exporting the products globally.”