HalalChain Road Show In Japan

  • Mar 27, 2018
HalalChain Road Show In Japan

24, 25 March, HalalChain Road Show was held in Tokyo and Osaka with block chain project INK; ID Chain and AUTAAS to communicate the block chain technology.

The significant speech presented by Mariya, CEO of HalalChain in Japan; Mr Yuechuan, Co-founder of Ink Labs in Japan;Rita, Co-founder of ID Chain; Mr Zhou wendao, Co-founderof IPFSmoney miner.

CEO of HalalChain In Japan, Mariya, she introduced the HalalChain project such as background, the status and trends ofglobal Halal food industry. Particularly it shall brings the individual value and benefit to the Japanese society and enterprises in terms of the Olympic Gamesin 2020 in Japan. As well as presented a prospect in the future regarding the HalalChain.

The two-day meeting is specifically for the local investors and thousands of people participated in this meeting. It attracted a lot of investors’s attention as well as they look forward to working with HalalChain to reach a number of cooperation.After the meeting, there are also Japanese media and crypto currency magazine willing to help HalalChain to do media promotion and magazine interview, and strongly support the development jof HalalChain in Japan. HalalChain entered the Japanese market for a short period of 2 months, the community users nearly 700 people (90% locals), but also Japan import and export food enterprises, cosmetics companies hope to reach cooperation with HalalChain as soon as possible.

HalalChain market scene is good, we have been working in listing  on Exchange, follow-up research and development work is also in progress, related activities are actively preparing.

The next two months will be in Japan’s Nagoya, Fukuoka and other regions to hold meet-up, please look forward to.