HalalChain Blockchain Project Status Report – Week 8

  • Apr 4, 2019
HalalChain Blockchain Project Status Report – Week 8

Underlying System:

  1. Preliminary completed the IoT App development and tested with the block chain platform.
  2. IoT App client API interface data upload test, combined with PDA to form a variety of data collection and uploading solutions.
  3. NB-IoT data collection and upload test.
  4. Preliminary completed the development of the smart contract logic, and the demo developing has been completed initially.
  5. Test the split of smart contract architecture, and implement the individual smart contract for each stage of the business process to improve the robustness of HLC traceability platform.
  6. Data intensive upload test in the pilot enterprise, currently in the Fabric1.1 version of the couchdb+kafka environment TPS has achieved 300+.
  7. Completed the initial test of the terminal App traceability function, Scanning QR code for displaying commodity production and processing information on H5 page.

Monitor API Server

  1. 1.Continuous optimize the V1 version block browser, and added function of product information query on the chain according to developing of the V2 version block browser.

CA API Server :

  1. 2.Continuousdeveloping block chain operation and maintenance platform node management, operation and maintenance functions.

IOT Server

  1. App scan input information development, NB-IoT solution test.
  2. Completed the preliminary development of the App client, expected to open and download the trial in late April.