HalalChain Blockchain Project Status Report – Week 5

  • Apr 4, 2019
HalalChain Blockchain Project Status Report – Week 5

Underlying System:

  1. Optimized IoT data process protocol; completed thepressure test of data upload .
  2. Completed data cache performance test that IoT data upload to distributed database.
  3. Added three business chain-code interface such as product attribute added; product split; product destruction interface.

Monitor API Server

  1. Completed the development test of V1 version block browser, preliminary implemented monitoring requirements of business data on the chain.

Operation Server :

  1. The blockchain operation and maintenance platform has been continuously developed. At present, order, peer node monitoring, remote operation and maintenance function development, log function, Revoke and other functions are under development.

CA API Server

  1. Completed the test of V1 version development, and the V2 version is undergoing pre-research, which will realize the centralized promulgation of CA for each format and the function of centralized approval.

IOT Server

  1. Preliminarily completed the development of V1 versionbusiness platform and combined with various platforms.

IoT:Internet of things
API:Application Programming Interface