HalalChain Blockchain Project Status Report – week 27

  • Oct 4, 2018
HalalChain Blockchain Project Status Report – week 27

Public Chain Underlying System:

  1. Improved the public chain toolset nx development, and added new function implementation as follows:entropy, hd-new, hd-to-ec, hd-to-public, mnemonic-new, mnemonic-to-entropy, mnemonic-to-seed, ec-new, ec-to-public.
  2. Internal training: the architect explains the use of the toolset nx, and the difference between the encoding principles of Transaction and Bitcoin.

Wallet Server Development:

  1. Improved the development of related technology APIs, and have completed the acquisition of block height.
  2. The function is still being debugged and developed, JS client is inconsistent with the underlying layer in the transaction encoding.

Wallet Client Development:

  1. Most of the APIs are integrated, and the functions of the block section are basically working properly.
  2. Due to the inconsistent encoding format of the transaction part, this function also needs to be debugged and modified.

Browser Development:

  1. All of the APIs provided by the server have been integrated, and the functional process can run normally.
  2. Statistics on all blocks are still ongoing according to plan, and this feature requires the server to create temporary tables for processing and the subsequent development.

Mining Development:

  1. Based on the Merkle Tree Proof (MTP)’s Egalitarian computing algorithm, it achieves a relatively balanced mining efficiency between different hardware.
  2. Optimized the blake2b mining algorithm for the underlying GPU graphics card.

Mining Pool Development:

  1. Completed multi-node synchronization test of the mining wallet.
  2. Completed the mining revenue distribution logic and the joint test of the mining revenue list logic.