HalalChain Blockchain Project Status Report – week 25

  • Sep 20, 2018
HalalChain Blockchain Project Status Report – week 25

Completed Work

Public Chain Underlying System

1. Cleanup the underlying code to remove the extra dependencies and previous references.

2. Code repository migration; for more efficient development, migrating code from Github’s private library to a self-built server, then remigrating to Github when the code is available as open source

3. Improved the RPC server function to support more operations on the chain.

4. Fixed bugs related to transaction pool transfers.

Wallet Development

1. Completed the functions of the other front ends, in addition to the function of querying transaction records.

2. The server environment has been successfully established based on the public-chain local test environment, and the relevant code of the RPC communication with the core program has been completed, and is still in the process of further debugging.

3. Optimized the front UI color, and some new UI code has been implemented.

Browser Development

1. The UI has almost been completed based on the reference website, and the functions have been developed and debugged.

2. Optimized the previously hard-coded parts of the program to make them variable or parameterized.

Mining Development

1. Developed a mining module that supports the BLAKE2B algorithm.

2. Optimized the mining pool UI.

3. Developed the API interface of mining pool website.

Work in Progress: 

Public Chain Underlying System

1. After the code library is migrated to the self-built server, other developers work synchronously.

2. Testing the core program RPC interface function and fixing bugs.

3. Testing the trading pool, transfer transaction function and fixing related bugs.

4. Starting network layer function development.

Wallet Development

1. Completing the integration of transaction record query function and bug fixing.

2. Starting the research and development of the server-wide wallet and the related design of the independent database.

3. Completing the coding development of wallet UI.

4. Modifying jsapi about address encryption logic and data structure to ensure the same logic as the public chain.

Browser Development

1. Testing the browser function and fixing related bugs.

Mining Development

1. Implementing the public chain mining RPC interface.

2. Supporting the BLAKE2B algorithm.