HalalChain Blockchain Project Status Report – Week 24

  • Sep 17, 2018
HalalChain Blockchain Project Status Report – Week 24

Underlying System:

  1. Merkle Patricia tree, lightning network research, providing design support for public chain development.

  2. Discussing the current developed code architecture and subsequent system development.

Wallet Application:

  1. Enter the second phase of the plan to build a full-node web API environment for the local test environment.

  2. The wallet client-App has completed development based on the test network, and the development work based on the new UI design is currently 80% completed.

Browser Application:

  1. Developing a browser application based on the test network environment, currently, 80% of development has been completed.

Mining Application:

  1. Internal testing of mining procedures.

  2. Developing mining module that supports blake2b algorithm.

  3. Troubleshooting: the mining program links network nodes to occasionally automatically disconnect.

Mining Pool:

  1. Revised the mine pool display logic, increased mining rewards pending, Unpaid, Paid statistics.

  2. Mining Pool website API interface development.