HalalChain Blockchain Project Status Report – Week 23

  • Sep 7, 2018
HalalChain Blockchain Project Status Report – Week 23

Underlying System

1. The joint debugging test of the BaaS platform is continuing according to plan, and no major functional bugs have been found. There are several related issues to be improved which are already in the process of revision. Public testing is expected to be open to the community after internal testing has been completed within two weeks.

2. DAG public chain mining and mining pool related developing:

2.1. Completed the OpenCL-based pool and solo mining development and testing on the Windows platform.

2.2. Completed CUDA-based pool and solo mining development and testing on the Windows platform.

2.3. Completed the packaging and compilation of the mine pool program of the Windows platform OpenCL and CUDA.

2.4. Mining program framework code optimization: mining algorithm modular configuration.

2.5. Troubleshooting: Based on the CUDA framework, the mining program is packaged and compiled on the Ubuntu platform.

2.6. Completed the development of the mine pool database module.

2.7. Completed the development of the wallet module.

2.8. PPS/PPLNS/P2P, research on the settlement methods of the three mine pools, and determined the income settlement method according to the actual situation of the public chain.

2.9. Memory-intensive workload proof algorithm MTP.


1. The food hygiene supervision platform for catering enterprises has entered the stage of business communication, and has submitted a complete blockchain + AI technical solution to the food and drug supervision and management department.

2. The blockchain traceability system in the field of crop and cash crop cultivation has been progressing smoothly according to plan, and the consultation of rice planting, mushroom planting and citrus planting has been initiated. In related programs, we will cooperate with the international leading third-party quality inspection agencies to create a comprehensive food traceability system covering the origin, rough processing, deep processing, logistics and warehousing of the products.