HalalChain Blockchain Project Status Report – Week 21

  • Aug 20, 2018
HalalChain Blockchain Project Status Report – Week 21

Underlying System

1. The front-end UI design of the BaaS (blockchain and service) platform has been completed. The project function interface design, development, joint debugging and additional work have been completed. This leaves the system home page and the system call API, common problems, BaaS solutions and other static pages to be finalized.

The functional interface of the back end of the BaaS platform and debugging has been completed. Additionally the front-end joint debugging work is nearing completion, and all front-end interface calls can be provided.

Functional interfaces include: project submission, verification project, notification project leader, environmental verification, installation environment, blockchain deployment and smart contract installation, project overall maintenance interface, and project blockchain browser interface, etc.

Platform-based interfaces include: user authentication, user registration, user list, graphics, verification code, user activation, send mobile phone verification code, change password, forgot password, check whether user exists, check whether mobile phone number is used, check email address usage, user feedback, etc. There are new interface user management, project management, operation log management and other administrator perspective interfaces.

2. The preliminary research work of the BaaS platform on the functional support of Ethereum: integrate the research of the Ethereum Alliance Chain, investigate the deployment of the alliance chain and the architecture of the API interface, and support the one-click deployment of the Ethereum public chain, the one-stop management of intelligent contracts, the operation and maintenance services, and the rapid docking of distributed application systems.

3. DAG public chain mining and mining pool: completed the mining program and the development framework selection of the mining platform on the basis of which the “Technical Guidance Document for Compilation and Operation of Mining Programs” was prepared. Completed the open source mining program (gominer) code framework research and successfully ran solo mining in the decred simulation network. Completed the mining pool principle and run a mine tank frame with simple functions.


1.The first version of the Unified Product Traceability Platform Requirements Document and Prototype has been finalized and internal review completed, completing the company approval process, the requirements analysis, prototyping, and project phases are all completed. The project enters the queue of the company’s pending development project, and the development resources are released from the BaaS and other projects and then will enter the development process.

2.Provide support for QRC20 to ERC20 token conversion, and completed page design, system development, operation and maintenance support, etc.

3.The Special Needs Persons’ Public Welfare Project is ongoing according to plan, and will be jointly promoted by the Joint Special Needs Persons’ Federation (endorsement and certificate promulgation) and regional hospitals (issued by the medical examination report). Starting a strategic cooperation negotiation with the local food and drug association.