HalalChain Blockchain Project Status Report – Week 19

  • Aug 3, 2018
HalalChain Blockchain Project Status Report – Week 19

Underlying System:

1. The front-end UI design of BaaS (blockchain and service) has completed a total of 25 interactive interfaces including personnel management all interface and API docking comprehensive debugging, creating all interfaces of the project and API docking comprehensive debugging. follow-up work for blockchain solution finishing, system call API, common problems and other copy; Blockchain solution collation, system call API is ongoing according to plan.

2. Completed the back-end development interface of the BaaS platform, which can provide 30 interfaces for front-end calling (user authentication, user registration, user list, obtaining graphic verification code, user activation, sending mobile phone verification code, changing password, forgetting password, Checking whether the user exists, checking whether the mobile phone number is used, checking whether the email address is used, etc, saving the project by functional interface, saving the project after verification, notifying the project leader, environment verification, installation environment, blockchain deployment and smart contract installation, project overall maintenance interface, and project blockchain browser interface, etc).

3. Integrated the deployment of the Ethereum consortium chain and the architecture of the API interface, as well as support one-click deployment of the Ethereum public chain, one-stop management of intelligent contracts, operation and maintenance services, and rapid docking of distributed application systems.


1. The unified product traceability platform has completed the first version of the functional requirements of document and prototype design, and completed the first round of internal review for functions and prototypes.

2. The program demonstration of the digital asset comprehensive service platform is ongoing according to plan; completed the asset circulation management and the asset circulation covers the comprehensive management of the issued digital assets, including the issuance scale, cross-currency transaction management, exchange access, etc.

3. The special needs persons’ public welfare project is ongoing according to plan, and together with local medical aid organization completed the submission of the first version of the program, including personal declarations, medical certificates issued by medical structures, endorsements signed by the Disabled Persons’ Federation, charitable fundraising, and details of public welfare funds.