HalalChain Blockchain Project Status Report – Week 18

  • Jul 30, 2018
HalalChain Blockchain Project Status Report – Week 18

Underlying System:

1. The product design of the plug-in pedometer has completed, and it is in the process of pre-production.

2. The front-end UI design of BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) has completed 25 interactive interfaces. Including all personnel management interfaces and API docking integrated debugging, creating all interfaces of the project and API docking integrated debugging.

The backend development interface of the BaaS platform is 90% complete, and the debugging is completed for the frontend interface 25 (user authentication, user registration, user list, obtaining graphic verification code, user activation, sending mobile phone verification code, changing password, forgetting password, Check whether the user exists, check whether the mobile phone number is used, check whether the email address is used, save the project by functional interface, save the project after verification, notify the project leader, environment verification, installation environment, blockchain The deployment and smart contracts, as well as the display of the project maintenance interface.)

3. On the basis of supporting Hyperledger Fabric, the BaaS platform was launched to prepare for the functional support of Ethereum. The front-end functions of the system are unchanged, and the related API interfaces are added to the back end in combination with the characteristics of Ethereum, supporting one-click deployment of Ethereum public chain, one-stop management of intelligent contracts, operation and maintenance services, and rapid docking of distributed application systems.


1. The unified product traceability platform has completed the preparation of the first version of the functional requirements document, including the module (sub-link) management of the traceability project, participation in organizational management, personnel role management, traceability product management, and smart contract interface. System prototyping has been completed 60%. Prototype design is expected to be completed next week.

2. The program demonstration of the digital asset integrated service platform is ongoing, and the program demonstration work related to digital issuance and asset circulation management are still under discussion. Digital issuance means that the owner of the supporting assets (including institutions and individuals) issues exclusive assets on the platform and supports the replenishment of assets.

3. Joint public welfare organizations, special needs persons federation, public hospitals and other institutions are collating and discussing the Blockchain based registration system for persons with disabilities. They are initially promoted in a province and are expected to cover more than 100,000 special populations. After the relevant program arguments are mature and agreed by the project joint parties, they will be announced to the public.