HalalChain Blockchain Project Status Report – Week 16

  • Jul 13, 2018
HalalChain Blockchain Project Status Report – Week 16

Underlying System:

1. The product design of the plug-in pedometer is ongoing according to plan. The specific parameters are:

The RFID working frequency is 2.4 GHz, and the built-in acceleration sensor is reported every 10 seconds; the service life is about 2 years according to the reporting frequency;

The recognition distance is from 0-50 meters, the recognition speed is 200 km/h, and the working temperature between -40 °C -85 °C;

Anti-interference: Channel isolation technology ensures that multiple devices do not interfere with each other;

2. Smart contract expansion, front-end framework support is in the progress of developing according to plan; completed the code testing, and it is expected to be launched next week;

3. Completed the second round of review of the BaaS (Blockchain as a Service)API, and 37 development work tasks were identified, including:

User authentication; user registration; user list; obtain graphic verification code; user activation; send mobile phone verification code; change password; forgot password; checking whether user exists; checking whether mobile phone number is used; checking whether an email address is used; announcement;

Obtain a list of projects; obtain projects according to users; save projects; save projects after verification; notify the responsible person;

Environmental verification; installation environment; one-click deployment; build channel; smart contract upload; smart contract installation; smart contract upgrade; new organization; get server usage; get service container; start container; restart container; stop container; save container; save operation log;

Browser user and password settings; project browser login; project browser interface; get transaction according to block, get asset information;


1. Unified product traceability platform to complete the market research of the second category of commodities in the first phase, and the preparation of the requirements document begins next week;

2. The program demonstration of the digital asset integrated service platform is in the progress according to plan, and the predetermined framework functions include digital asset issuance, digital asset circulation, and digital asset management. For the consideration of the business scenario and in combination with the BaaS management platform under construction, the subsequent planning will introduce the underlying support of the public chain and consortium chain except the quantum chain and Fabric, and the relevant demonstration work is in the progress of developing according to plan;

3. Cooperative Project:The field test of the wildlife life cycle traceability project is ongoing according to plan as well as the charity foundation’s project business negotiation; the insurance industry blockchain solution business negotiation; the electronic contract contracting blockchain project business negotiation;

4. The preferred technical scenario is switching between Qtum and ETH  based on cross-chain technology, after investigating the problem of two-way switching between different digital assets in the HLC ecosystem based on cross-chain technology.