HalalChain Blockchain Project Status Report – Week 15

  • Jul 5, 2018
HalalChain Blockchain Project Status Report – Week 15

Underlying System:


1. The middle distance card reader enters the pre-production preparation stage;the product design work of the plug-in pedometer is started, and the setting function is combined.


2. 2.4GHz active RFID and accelerometers are used for data out-out according to the set frequency; It can be used as an animal collar and outer wrap to support the tracking of the flow of animals and food packages in ultra-long-distance, high-speed scenes.


3.  The current version of the content of smart contract expansion, front-end framework support is progressing according to plan; the completion of code into the test phase and the system is expected to be upgraded next week.


4. Completed BaaS(Blockchain as a Service)technical review of the API; the interfaces to be developed as follows:


Platform login, user registration, obtaining graphic verification code, user activation, sending mobile phone verification code, user check, user list query;

Get item list, save an item, save after verification, send notification;

Environmental verification, installation environment, one-click deployment, build channel, smart contract upload, smart contract installation, smart contract upgrade, new organization;

Get server usage, start container, restart container, stop container, save container, save operation log.




1. Completed the market research of some commodities in the first stage of the unified product traceability platform; completed the basic function list of the conducting research on the second category of commodities.


2. Initiated the program demonstration of the digital asset integrated service platform, In order to serve the commercial circulation needs of the HLC tokens. The predetermined framework functions include digital asset issuance, digital asset circulation, digital asset management, and connect the existing business ecosystem with HLC.

3. Cooperative project promotion: Completed the project of traceability of wild animal life cycle in  China and entered the field test phase.

4. Negotiated Charity Foundation Project and Insurance Industry Blockchain Solution.