HalalChain Blockchain Project Status Report – Week 10

  • Apr 4, 2019
HalalChain Blockchain Project Status Report – Week 10

Underlying System:

  1. Completed the development of IoT client, and the test of data upload to the blockchain.
  2. Completed the optimization of data storagetechnology solutions; during the data upload process, the key data of each part of the IoT collection is uploaded to the blockchain, and information such as pictures is stored in distributed storage.
  3. IPFS data storage program verification.
  4. Completed the development of traceability platform App and IPFS data storage API interface.
  5. Optimized the Fabric 1.0 version TPS and the current stable peak value of about 200.
  6. The traceable App UI development is in the process, is expected to be completed in 20 days.
  7. Completed the customization of IoT hardware equipment development and production, and is being tested by pilot companies.

Monitor API Server

  1. Developed the management and operation maintenance functions of each node of the blockchain operation andmaintenance platform.

CA API Server

  1. Improved the CA server function according to the needs of pilot enterprises.

IoT Server

  1. Completed the development of App-end scan entry information, NB-IoT solution test.

IoT solution test :

  1. Initially completed the App client and expected to open for download in late April.

IoT:Internet of things
IPFS: InterPlanetary File System)
TPS:Application Programming Interface
API:Application Programming Interface