HalalChain Seizes Participant’s Attention at MIHAS

  • Apr 13, 2018
HalalChain Seizes Participant’s Attention at MIHAS

Awareness about the concept of Halal is on the rise, and companies are responding to these consumer needs, be it for products or services. The Islamic Economy is on the verge of major growth and widespread recognition, as the Muslim population is ascending globally, especially in Europe. The Halal market in Europe has been forecasted to grow at a CAGR of 13.91% during the period 2016-2020.

Co-Founder of HalalChain & CEO of HLC Technologies, Dr. Sulaiman Liu, has recently been invited to participate in MIHAS 2018 in Malaysia, where the entire Halal ecosystem, from Food & Beverage to Pharmaceuticals to Cosmetics, from Finance to E-commerce and Logistics to Tourism meets to network, share market insights and ultimately adds to their bottom-line, promoting the integration of high technology into the Halal industry. The event showcased a wide range of Halal products and services from Malaysia and over 40 other countries. Into its 16th year, MIHAS has developed into a major trading point for the world’s halal industry.

Amongst the many attending exhibitors who are fascinated with the innovative solutions provided by HalalChain, Le Petit Beret was of particular interest to HLC Technologies. Since it’s launching during Gulfood; the world’s largest annual food trade show taking place in Dubai, Le Petit Beret has been attracting a lot of attention, as it has taken on the challenge of creating a wide range of 100% alcohol-free premium grape-based beverages. Located in the heart of the Languedoc Roussillon vineyards, the France based company managed, with the help of French agricultural research institutes (INRA & CTCPA) to formulate a process that reveals the best of grapes and nature without fermentation, preservatives, sulfites or de-alcoholation stages, while keeping sugar and calories levels low. Both parties agreed on a follow-up meeting in France after Ramadan to sort out the details of the partnership where Le Petit Beret will be HalalChain’s pilot project in Europe, thanks to the shared principle of both organizations-to provide healthy and quality products to the Ummah and beyond.

Among the rest potential partners, Pixel Play Group and HalalChain had in-depth discussion on the Halal Economy ecosystem VC and mentoring programs, as well as offering co-investment business scale-up that focus on innovative start-ups in the ecosystem. HLC Technologies will be the Tech partner of Pixel Play Group and both parties agreed to further collaborate in the innovative start-ups funding & coaching in the global Islamic Economy ecosystem.

HalalChain offers an innovative traceability solution to better approach and convince end-users that the products are healthy and trustworthy, hence received warmly by the exhibitors and participants of MIHAS 2018, and would like to adopt HLC Technologies once the solution is commercially launched in Q3 2018, meanwhile many are interested to come to the HalalChain Demo launching ceremony in Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA) on May 10th, 2018.

HalalChain always thrives to provide solutions for healthy and quality products for the Ummah and all consumers globally via blockchain technology and Internet of Things.