HalalChain || A weekly schedule

  • Mar 22, 2018
HalalChain || A weekly schedule

Business cooperation

HalalChain was invited to attend the 2018 TokenSky block chain conference.

March 14 – March 15, 2018, the TokenSky block chain conference was held at the Hilton Hotel in Seoul, South Korea. Co-founder of Halal Chain Abdulla Han, founder of the NEO & Onchain Hong Feida, director of BeeChat jing Chen,and many other guests have presented speech, in which  extend to all aspects of the block chain industry in 2018.

Abdulla Han, co-founder of Halal Chain, presented the speech of “Islamic economy and blockchain” at the TokenSky block Chain conference in South Korea, which defined the Islamic economy as the sum of various industries and financial actions of the Muslim world. It is based on sharia law and rapidly developed, as well as the islamic economy is worth $6.7 trillion. The public chain can serve as a complete ecosystem, supporting start-ups in the digital economy and other fields. Halal chian is a supply chain for tracking, ensuring high quality of the Halal products during slaughter, processing, production, transportation, storage and sales by using block chain and the Internet of things technology.

HLC was listed on the exchange BJEX In Singapore

HLC was listed on the BJEX exchange at 15:00 HKT on March 18, 2007, www.bjex.com). Meanwhile, It Has already begun the most powerful trading event in history!

BJEX combined with HLC to hold an excellent gift for the investors from18 to 31 March.

During the activity, login and refill, to achieve the required trading volume, users can get a large number of HLC, and more luxurious double tour of Dubai awards.


Project progress

System underling design:

1.Added the IoT data entry function by using the App end scan.

2.Completed the development and testing of App terminal data scanning and uploading interface.

3.Completed the development of App end data commodity segmentation interface; Asset encoding was converted from 1-N; Development of logical function.

4.Development of commodity destruction logic interface; the smart contract destroys the data on the chain through the data returned by the interface,so as to implement the closed loop of the commodity.



Monitor API Server

Optimized the block browser in V1 version.

CA API Server

Completed the development test of V1 version and continuous optimized the Demo in service.

IoT Server

Added the function of the App terminal scan.