Exchanges HLC is Listed On

  • Sep 12, 2018
Exchanges HLC is Listed On

HLC token has been listed on FOURTEEN exchanges all over the world. Here we have put together a complete list of the exchanges we are listed on and where they are based.

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Coinegg is a UK based digital asset trading site. Here you can trade your tokens for other cryptocurrencies with relatively low fees. is currently in the top 20 exchanges, ranked by their trading volume on the CoinMarketCap. Here people from all over the world, including those in mainland China, can exchange and trade on the platform. The website is available in Chinese and English languages.

Coinnest is a boutique Korean exchange that offers an IOS and Android mobile app along with relatively low trading fees. Here you can trade a number of cryptocurrencies against the Korean Won.

CoinRail is a Korean platform that allows for exchanges between various cryptocurrencies at a fair rate. The exchange provides a variety of services which registered users can get to enjoy. Coin Rail basically provides a platform to transact virtual currencies at an agreed price. With a strict policy on privacy and security, the platform has attracted many users.

Allcoin is a Canadian cryptocurrency exchange that is owned by a large publicly listed company and is a registered money service business in Canada. It has a relatively low trading fees and utilizes proper charts, tools and indicators in the “pro” section of the trading platform. Unfortunately, American users cannot register on this platform.

Exrates is  is operated by Exrates Ltd – a company registered in the Republic of Armenia. This exchange has rich digital assets portfolio, and besides, it supports a lot of fiat currencies.

XBrick is an Australian cryptocurrency exchange that allows users to buy and sell digital currencies. Based in Sydney and owned by Blockchain technology company X Blockchain Pvt Ltd, XBrick offers fast and convenient access to Bitcoin, Ethereum and several other cryptocurrencies.

Coinbene is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in China and one of the largest in the world. They offer terrific customer support within the crypto globe as users have access to the helpful and professional support team to deal with their trading issues. It should be noted that it can take a couple of days to be verified on their platform, however this speaks of how high the security is on their site.

BJEX is a platform that places an emphasize on a users interest while prioritizing the security of funds and user information. This platform also has a mobile terminal that can be used for trading at any time. BJEX is fast becoming known as an easy to use platform, with high security and excellenct customer support.

HITBTCis  registerd in the UK and has been operating since early 2015. The exchange offers a collection of the most common crypto to crypto trading pairs. The volume has been steadily rising providing decent liquidity and a narrowing bid ask spread. Security is good with its two factor authentication and with an unblemished track record.

BTC Trade is a Chinese based crypto exchange  that offers competitive fees. The trading fees on are flat, amounting to 0.2%, irregardless of the asset you trade, and whether you are a market “taker” or “maker”. This platform also offers and advanced trading interface that is also available on its mobile platform.

This list will be upgraded as the HLC token is added to more exchanges.