Dubai will be the first example in the world to run a city with block chain

  • Apr 10, 2018
Dubai will be the first example in the world to run a city with block chain

As an undisputed business center in the Middle East, Dubai has set an ambitious goal: By 2020, it will be the first government in the world to be dominated by a blockchain.

This is a bold transition for Dubai city, but it may not be as inconceivable as you think. Blockchain-driven smart cities are easier to implement than people think. The use of blockchains in urban areas is almost endless, but there will be significant improvements in blockchains in some major blocks.

Through a few of these areas to understand how blockchains are used in real life.

1. Cities around the world have been trying hard to be what we call “smart cities.” They use IoT-connected devices to do all the work, such as monitoring traffic and air quality.

What will happen? All of these IoT devices can be registered on the blockchain.

There are many opportunities to add blockchains to connected city systems. These systems collect a large amount of data that can be placed on the blockchain. Upgrading to a blockchain will make it easier for city governments to access and manage this data.

For example, when the light in the lamppost connected to the Internet of Things goes out, an automated message may be sent to the employee responsible for the replacement.

In this case, blockchain can help solve the inefficiency of many cities.

2. Communication and data sharing will also have a positive impact on public safety.

Blockchain can provide a secure system for sharing sensitive data.The specific application of large and small areas of coverage will be based on the specific circumstances of the application scenarios. However, this decision of Dubai will certainly lead other countries in the process of promoting urban development.

As a blockchain project in Dubai, HalalChain has also been steadily progressing and listed on exchanges as follows:ZB, ALLCOIN, XBrick, COINEGG, BTCTRADE, COINNEST, Coinrail, and BJEX;It is expected to be listed on the exchanges in Malaysia and Indonesia in April.

The Halal Chain project has taken the lead in the Halal industry and has a lot of resources. With the spending power of Muslims in the world’s nearly two billion people, Halal Chain’s initial development has expanded to apply the blockchain technology to the food supply chain. It is also linked with Islamic finance and has played an important role in promoting the development of the Islamic economy. The solid competition barrier that the Halal Chain team has built, with the strong strength and background of the operational team and the strong support of the Dubai government, cannot be overlooked in the future.