Congratulation To HalalChain & DAD For The In-Depth Cooperation

  • Jul 2, 2018
Congratulation To HalalChain & DAD For The In-Depth Cooperation

HalalChain has reached a strategic cooperation with DAD digital advertising chain, and both parties will carry out a long-term in-depth cooperation in market promotion and big data collection.


HalalChain will link its own IoT data collection system and cross-border payment system with DAD platform to improve the various algorithmic mechanisms of the DAD advertising platform, and further enhance the benefits of DAD eco-participants. DAD digital advertising chain will conduct big data analysis on its global traffic that has been accumulated over the years. Screening and accurately target HalalChain global users while displaying the information and dynamics of HalalChain projects to target users in a timely manner, and accelerate the global ecological construction of HalalChain.


HalalChain will cooperate with more high-quality project parties to conduct further  explorations and practices in actual applications in coming days.

DAD: Decentralized Advertising Blockchain.