HalalChain BlockChain Project Status Report - Week 41

Last week's work summary:

Underlying Public Chain Development

Go-libp2p was studied, related dependencies were streamlined and core functions were proposed.
Tested and streamlined the go-libp2p library feature.

DAG Development

Completed the docking of the DAG with the mining team and related bug fixes.

Completed the DAG optimization and fixed bugs, supplements to some test. 

Researching on the allocation strategy of mining rewards.

Researching on the consensus algorithm Conflux framework.

Wallet& Browser Development

IOS Wallet:Completed the wallet creation of BTC/HLC, mnemonic word import and export and wallet switching;Completed the development of the wallet information function;Completed the replacement of the new UI;Modified the display error of some pages.

Android Wallet:Replaced some of the frameworks to make the page more responsive;Modified bugs in BTC transfer transactions;Modified the display error of some pages.

 Completed the development of new UI to better adapt to the use of mobile screens.

Tested and optimized the mobile browser code to fix bugs.

Completed wallet back-end API of information function to adapt multi-end paging.

Mining& Ming Pool Development

Completed the development of DAG mining function.

Completed the DAG mining joint debugging test with the DAG team. At present, the single mining node test has been completed.

Optimized the front-end of mining pool website.

Completed the mining development internal test.

Next Week’s Plan:

Underlying Public Chain Development

Cooperating with the main branch of the core code of the public chain to conduct p2p related research, including tailoring and migration.

Stripping the go-libp2p core functionality to the smallest functional unit, extracting the p2p core functionality required by the HLC core.

DAG Development

Researching on the allocation strategy of mining rewards.

Conflux consensus integration.

DAG optimization of hourglass blocks.

Wallet& Browser Development

 Working on he iOS side studies the logic of web3.js and the swift implementation of some of the web3.js features.

Android mobile phone BTC integration, testing and new UI update.

Testing all the features of the new wallet, including: Unified mnemonics for BTC/HLC.

Mining& Mining Pool Development

Testing the release of multiple other transactions blocks in addition to the coinbase transaction.

Testing the digging of the mining node together.

Developing the functions in which mining pool supports the DAG mining.


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