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Mr. Abdullah Han as Keynote speaker at Finovate Middle east Innovation event 2018

The leading Blockchain company HLC Technologies delivered keynote presentation by Co-Founder & Managing Director, Mr. Abdullah Han, at Finovate Middle East innovation event, which will bring together the Middle East's fintech community to showcase cutting-edge banking, financial and payments technology. In the event there is showcasing latest fintech innovations demoed live on stage and hear insights from global financial services experts. The event is held in Dubai UAE at Madinah Jumairah conference centre between 26th-27th February 2018


Both Co-Founder Prof. Abdussalam and Mr. Saad Mohib, the CEO attended the Finivate Middle East event and reached several strategic cooperation with companies from different Blockchain industry stakeholders, including financial institutions, cyber security, E-commerce etc.
As a social impact on Middle East's fintech community, HLC technologies incorporates essential philosophy of Blockchain in Islamic economy with the latest cutting edge technologies, envisioned to bring significant influence that reshapes global Islamic economy ecosystem and beyond.


Mr. Abdullah Han Interview with CNBC Arabiyyah on “Halalchain as empowered by Blockchain technology”.

The leading Blockchain company HLC Technologies Co-Founder & Managing Director, Mr. Abdullah Han, held an interview with CNBC Arabiyyah on 13th February 2018. He has discussed the topic: “Halalchain as empowered by Blockchain technology”.


Mr. Abdullah explained the concept of Blockchain in Islamic economics that, is one of the latest underlying technologies based on Directed Acyclic Graph which has been defined as Blockchain 3.0 technology. The DAG involves no mining, supports quick transactions, and is friendly to small payment.
Finally, Mr. Abdullah answered the question on Halalchain technologies that, it is at the forefront of the Blockchain industry, providing comprehensive solutions to Halal industry traceability, Islamic Economics and Finance, instant E payment, and other industry applications powered by blockchain, Internet of things, big data, Artificial Intelligence, biometrics technologies.

Both Co-Founder Prof. Abdussalam and Prof. Yousuf, the Chairman, Dubai Institute of Blockchain committee attended the interview at CNBC Arabiyyah, Dubai Media City, UAE.  


The demo version of HLC traceability platform has been completed, and it will release the beta version on March 15th.
System underlying design:

1. Optimized IOT data upload to block chain contracts, adjusted data upload rules.

2.  Completed development of distributed database.

3. Completed function development such as Root nodes and agency nodes for CA public key certificate, institution audit, search, and write off.

4. Completed research and development tests of block chain browser monitoring multiple Order nodes.

5. Optimized smart contracts, SDK interface, implemented remote restart node.

6. Optimized Zookeeper, Kafka nodes load balance, solve stability of IOT data intensive upload
Monitor API Server:
Completed block browser development and debugging, achieved the node height, transaction height, transaction details, system read and write status function, ongoing UI design.
Operation API Server:
Developing Blockchain maintenance platform, implement node status monitoring, issue CA certificate, write-off, revoke, log view and etc.
CA API Server:
Complete various functions testing
IOT Server
Completed four-stage logic development of product register, process, transfer, destruction, implemented smart contract during product circulation, block browser show real-time block details.


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