HalalChain BlockChain Project Status Report - Week 40

Last week's work summary:

Underlying Public Chain Development

Completed the support of wallet content management API and server deployment.
Migrating p2p dependencies.

Researching on go-libp2p.

DAG Development

Researching on mining reward distribution based on DAG branch.

Completed the DAG code optimization and BUG modification.

Building a middleware model to facilitate the replacement of future DAG algorithms.

Wallet& Browser Development

IOS Javascript CoreCompleted btc/hlc wallet creation;Completed btc/hlc import mnemonic;Completed btc/hlc export mnemonic;Completed btc/hlc transaction signature.

Testing and fixing bugs.

Fixed a bug that was first loaded in multiple languages for released versions.

Changed and tested the problem of BTC generating wallet.

Replaced some new version pages for multi-wallet (BTC, HLC).

Updated and written part of the JS framework and replaced some pages.

Tested and fixed browser bugs on mobile ios.

Optimized browser-friendly page for browsers.

Researching on the implementation principle and research code of the wallet based on HLC.

Mining& Mining Pool Development

Completed the front page development of the mining pool website and the implementation of the website interface.

Research on DAG mining reward algorithm.

Completed the mature mining reward mechanism.

Research on GPU parallel algorithm after DAG protocol leads to block structure change.

Next Week’s Plan:                                  Underlying Public Chain Development

Cooperated with the main branch of the core code of the public chain to conduct p2p related research, tailoring and migration.

Completed the code implementation of P2P network layer.

DAG Development

Nox-based testing and code supplementation.

●Consensus algorithm Conflux research and project integration.

Wallet& Browser Development

iOS mobile phone BTC Integration, testing and new UI update.

Android mobile phone BTC integration, testing and new UI update.

Researching on wallet ETH-based code implementation logic.

Mining& Mining Pool

Optimizing mining pool website front-end.

Testing mining pool.

For the new block chain structure of DAG protocol, Optimizing blake2b algorithm by GPU parallel algorithm.


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