HalalChain BlockChain Project Status Report - Week 38

Underlying Public Chain Development:

●Completed researching on Peer to Peer network layer framework.

●Completed researching on BTC logic and optimized related HLC logic.

●Completed code refactoring and optimization.

DAG Development:

●Fixed the conflict issues between mining logic and DAG.

●Optimized DAG processing logic.

●Fixed related transaction bugs.

Waller &Browser Development:

●Replaced startup diagram to fit iPhone X.

●Fixed SendTx interface parameter error.

●Modified code structure.

●Tested added the UTXO API interface by querying the address, and modified the page code.

●Completed function implementation that browser could support mobile terminal.

●Completed the structural optimization of standardized browser code.

●Modified times errors when HLC generate wallet.

●Merged txsign.

●HLC test debug transaction is succeed.

●BTC test debug transaction is succeed.

Mining Pool Development:

●Developing the liquidation function.

●Developing the transaction function.

●Developing the function of continuous liquidation and transaction.

●Internal test of liquidation function and transfer function.

Mining Development:

●Researching on DAG mining.

●Researching the technology implementation of DAG mining.

●Completed the communication and docking of technical solutions at the DAG technical end.


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