HalalChain Blockchain Project Status Report - week 35

Underlying Public Chain Development:

1.Researching on P2P network Layer related framework.

2.Overall process debugging and bug modification.

3.Refactoring and optimizing code.


1.Added the specter implantation.

2.Optimized mining logic.

3.Optimized median time.

4.Optimized fetch block and fixed bug.

Wallet&Browser Development:

1.Optimized ios local database calls.

2.Researching on web3.js.

3.Researching on web3Swift.

4.Implementing blake2b with Swift.

5.Newly optimized the structure of some nox-h5.js.

6.Streamlined h5 wallet code.

7.Corrected bugs in importing mnemonics and importing private keys.

8.Researched the bitcoin node.js version of the code to do integration.

9.Adjusting and optimizing calls to the browser's API interface.

Mining Pool:

1.Completed mine tank stratum protocol code implementation.

2.Completed mine pool website front-end development.

3.Completed mine pool api combing and data flow confirmation.

Mining Development:

1.Implementing code based on the stratum protocol and the public chain pool docking.

2.Supporting for code implementation of Mesa/LLVM OpenCL mining.


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