HalalChain Blockchain Project Status Report - week 34

Underlying Public Chain Development:

1.Researching on P2P network Layer related framework.

2.Overall process debugging and bug modification.

3.Refactoring and optimizing code.


1.Completed the performance optimization and bug modification for etch utxo related functions

2.Related methods for building Dag Test.

3.Modified bugs about the spin tx out, spend journal.

Wallet&Browser Development:

1.Researching on ImTokenCore development.

2.Trying to use Swift to call the C library to implement encryption.

3.Finishing the wallet nox-h5.js method.

4.Optimizing wallet h5 code.

5.Researching on Bitcoin Wallet related logic.

6.Completing server-side database cache support and deploying server multi-level caching and support.

7.Completing the adaptation of the API after iOS and Android acceleration.

8.Completing payment adaptation.

9.Optimizing browser page code specification and API interface performance testing

Mining Pool:

1.Completing the UI design of the mine pool homepage;

2.Completing Mine pool blocktemplate interface implementation

3.Completing mine pool api combing and data flow confirmation.

Mining Development:

1.Completing the opencl implementation of the blake2b algorithm.

2.Completing Mining application code reconstruction.


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