HalalChain (HLC) Wraps up their First Successful Roadshow

The HalalChain delegation has just completed their first Gulf Countries Roadshow which took place from the 3rd of October to the 18th of October, 2018. They travelled to the Gulf Region introducing HalalChain, where they were able to further elaborate how they are using the latest innovative technologies in the Islamic finance and halal traceability industries.

The roadshow was considered to be a great success, with the delegate visiting a large number of reputable businesses and organisations within the Islamic community. They met with prominent universities and colleges, Islamic banks and financial institutions, central banks, governments, telecommunication companies, charity associations, rating agencies, community development enterprises, government agencies, and policy making agencies. Many of the leading businesses that the delegate visited in the Gulf Region expressed their interest in collaborating with HalalChain.

HalalChain has been built as a comprehensive solution to help increase transparency and traceability in Islamic financial products and services, as well as traceability of Halal and health products, Zakat donations, heritage and property registration and cultural communication.

The invitation to participate in the world’s first public chain for the Muslim world is a highly sort after one - HalalChain is continuing to experience growth and gaining acceptance from key stakeholders in the region. It is an exciting time for HalalChain as their ecosystem continues to expand, as they look to change the face of the Islamic finance with a public chain, stable currencies and smart sukuk.


Bahrain 3。。.jpg

Mr. Abduallah Han and Dr.Sulaiman to the Inonesian embassy in Bahrain



The Halalchain delegate meeting with prominent leaders on their roadshow in Kuwait

Oman .jpeg

The successful meeting between industry leaders and the HalalChain team in Oman


Saudi .jpg

The roadshow in Saudi Arabia


Bahrain- BIBF.jpeg

Dr.Sulaiman speaking at BIBF


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