HalalChain Blockchain Project Status Report - week 29

Underlying Public Chain Development

1.      About NX Command

1) Add ec-to-wif,wif-to-ec,wif-to-public command.

2) Added a message verification mechanism.

3) Refactoring wif and message signatures.

4) Optimized base 64 encoding, decoding and message signing.

5) Optimized message reminders to make exception messages more friendly.

6) Upgraded the nx command ec-to-addr to support different network environments.

2.      Refactoed bip32 to support scalable bip32 version.

3.      Fixed bug and code formatting for nx command set.

4.      Added the function such as "add test for sing/verify" and "ecc compressed/uncompressed key pair test”.



1.      The code repository was migrated to the new server.

2.      Optimized SPETRE protocol.

3.      Completed algorithm code implementation and internal team demonstration.


Wallet&Browser Development

1.      Completed the docking of the wallet client and the underlying part of the data.

2.      Designed the corresponding browser UI and wallet UI according to the new website UI.

3.      Completed the client unified and underlying address and signature generation rules.

4.      Updated Ajax partial function implementation

5.      Completed the docking and conversion with the js data format, and claimed rawTx, which sent to the underlying processing.

6.      Improved the processing logic of the transaction data format.


Mining Development

1.      Continue to study the Egalitarian computing algorithm based on Merkle Tree Proof (MTP) to achieve a relatively balanced mining efficiency between different hardware.

2.      Continue to optimize the mining algorithm for the underlying GPU graphics card blake2b.

3.      Mining pool wallet multi-node synchronization test.

4.      Joint test of mining revenue list logic


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