Halal Chain is to redefine the Halal food

On January 26, 2018, Halal chain held a high-quality project meeting with several outstanding blockchain projects from different country in Tokyo. It has attracted hundreds of blockchain scholars and investors from different languages and skin colors cross the world. Meanwhile,It has also attracted extensive coverage from Japanese media, including Box finance.


Among them, The halal chain project from Dubai has received widespread attention, Halal Chain is a decentralized global monitoring solution for product safety and integrity which is achieved by harnessing the power of the technology of consortium chain, with the particular attention in the field of Halal industry, including food, medicine and cosmetics. In the speech of Mr. Roman, who is the CMO of Halal chain, he systematically introduced the project background, market scale, technical principles, project progress and future prospects of "Halal Chain".


Global demand for "green food" has grown from $2.3 trillion in 2014 to $3.2 trillion today, according to statistics. The data is still growing, and the global Halal industry is expected to grow to $6.4 trillion by 2018. So what exactly is the "green food" industry ? The main demand is "Halal food". Halal, islamic sharia law is accused of legitimate, allow behavior, especially on Halal food Halal, based on the development of Halal food by statute, the concept of halal is quite influential in all aspects of a believers' life.

Halal food, however, there are many obstacles in the development of the global market, the first is Halal product certification system has deficiencies, inaccurate and incomplete nature of Halal products, bad management and centralized management of raw materials and products. The world has nearly 2 billion Muslims scattered around the world, each region has formed a relatively closed Halal products market, the domestic many excellent "Halal food" and industry unable to dock with the international market. Buying leads to many ordinary users cannot identify the hand whether the product is Halal products, In terms of these serious problems, Halal Chain team use block Chain technology to solve the current problems of Halal industry. The blockchain is inherently decentralized, traceable, and untampered with data, which can solve the bottleneck of the Halal industry.

CMO of Halal chain, Mr. Roman also points out that the Halal industry includes not only "Halal food", but also all the industries involved in Halal. With Halal Chain technology, all kinds of products will be displayed in the Chain to consumers around the world, the companies will improve the standard of the highest quality of Halal products for trading.

Furthermore, due to the use of block Chain of users from around the world,  it shall be a large user base because its targeted the global market, this huge market will also make the enterprise is willing to join the Halal chain ecosystem trade. The Halal Chain project will allow more trade to enter the blockchain, and global investors will be as free to participate in the project as investors in the United Arab Emirates.

Block chain will be the whole market into a new era, new technology will lead to the enterprise across traditional barriers to moving forward. For the Dubai government, this is not just being planned but has been put into practice the truth,  hoping  Dubai becomes the center city of the block chain, Dubai government officials announced that "by 2020, all of the Dubai government agencies will use block chain technology.". Dubai government is also considering using blockchain technology to improve institutional efficiency, which makes the Dubai becomes the Smart City.
Dubai will actively embrace the new technology as Halal chain, is committed to promoting the development of block chain technology. Everyone can benefit from the massive construction of block chain technology in Dubai in the future.

Since March, Halalchain will organize a large-scale tour of road shows throughout Japan, initially scheduled in Nagoya, Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka. Please notice our Line group or Facebook group  for specific time and place.
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