HalalChain Blockchain Project Status Report - week 28

Public Chain Underlying System

1. Developed tool set nx development and bug fixing.

2. Conducted remote training on transaction coding logic.


Wallet Server Development

1.  There are two ways to solve the problem of inconsistent js clients in transaction coding and the underlying:

(1)Js sends raw data, unified coding of the server, and

 allows the program to be adjusted.

(2)Modified the js library about the transaction construct.


Wallet Client Development

1. Completed the integration of all API for

functional testing.

2. The transaction is still under debugging due to the

inconsistent coding format.


Browser Development

1.  Basically completed browser function, testing and bug

fixes this week.


Mining Application Development

1.  Based on Merkle Tree Proof (MTP) fair calculation

 (Egalitarian computing) algorithm research to realize the mining efficiency of relatively balance between different hardware.

2.  Optimizing the mining algorithm for the bottom GPU

graphics card blake2.


Mining Pool Development

1.  Multi-node synchronous test of mining pool wallet.

2.  A joint test of mining revenue listing logic.


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