HalalChain is Excited to Announce it will be Working with the Halal Food Authority


HalalChain and the Halal Food Authority will be working together to provide more transparency within the Halal food industry. 

Dubai, UAE: HalalChain has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the Halal Food Authority (HFA), the leading UK-based global Halal Certifier, for a strategic cooperation between the two parties. The HFA is a nonprofit organization that is involved in the supervision, inspection, audit, certification, compliance and training of halal principles and practices within the UK food and beverages, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry and beyond. 

The MOU was signed by Saqib Mohammed, the CEO of HFA, and Dr Sulaiman Liu, Co-Founder and CEO of HalalChain, in the presence of Mufti Abdul Kadir Barkatulla, the Chairman of the Board of Shariah Advisors of HFA, and Dr Farrukh Habib, Co-Founder of HalalChain.

Both parties agree to leverage on each other's area of specialization; the HFA is recognized as the most competent and competitive Halal Certifier in UK and Europe. They provide a realistic service benchmark with a systematic approach together with a diligently implemented Islamic Jurisprudence. They provide professional advice and services to consumers and manufacturers through education and awareness in the halal industry on halal related matters, as a first point of reference. Together with HalalChain, HFA will be able to increase the transparency and trustworthiness within the halal food industry.

HFA is eager to be more involved in scientific research, innovative schemes and projects, and to seek and utilize all available resources for the further development of the global halal industry. Both parties consider this milestone a significant step towards achieving a range of comprehensive halal food traceability solutions, emerging from the usage of cutting-edge technologies, particularly blockchain and IoT devices.

About HalalChain: HalalChain is being developed by the HLC Foundation. They are utilizing blockchain technology to increase transparency within the Halal industry supply chains. They are building a global ecosystem within the global Islamic Economic Ecosystem, utilizing the latest IOTs and AI technologies and applying them to real world situations to add value for both the consumers and producers.


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