HalalChain's Co-Founders Discuss Their Insights On the Shariah Compliance of Cryptocurrencies at the Gulf Research Meeting at the University of Cambridge.


Dubai, UAE: HalalChain, represented by Dr. Farrukh Habib, one of the co-founders, is honored to be invited to speak at the annual Gulf Research Meeting (GRM) held at The Gulf Research Centre, University of Cambridge. Every year the GRM highlights issues of importance to the Gulf region and provides a basis for undertaking and engaging in academic and empirical research in the fields of politics, economics, energy, security and the wider social sciences.

Dr. Habib spoke at the "Fintech, Digital Currency and the Future of Islamic Finance in the GCC- Strategy, Operational and Regulatory Issues" workshop. Where he presented his valuable insights on the shariah compliance of cryptocurrencies. He also spoke about the shariah compliance of the HLC token and discussed information regarding the HalalChain initiative. Participants of the workshop were impressed with Dr. Habib's findings surrounding the application of blockchain technology within the Islamic finance and economy industry. 

Dr Sulaiman Liu, co-founder and CEO of HalalChain, also participated in the workshop. Both co-founders actively contributed in various discussions related to Islamic finance, technology, blockchain and cryptocurrencies throughout the workshop. The workshop directors and participants highly appreciated their prompt and relevant input and thanked them for their lively involvement. 

The workshop provided an opportunity to bring highly intellectual fintech experts together, sharing insights about the current issues of fintech adoption and the future development for the GCC Islamic finance industry. More importantly, it contributed to the debate on different aspects of the technological transformation within the GCC region, helping to provide much needed knowledge and support for the GCC fintech and digital currency industry.

About HalalChain: HalalChain is being developed by the HLC Foundation. They are utilizing blockchain technology to increase transparency within the Halal industry supply chains. They are building a global ecosystem within the global Islamic economic ecosystem, utilizing the latest IOTs and AI technologies and applying them to real world situations to add value for both consumers and producers.

About UC & GRM: To enhance knowledge and research about the Gulf, the Gulf Research Center Cambridge has established an annual Gulf Research Meeting (GRM) with the clear objective to provide an academic environment to foster Gulf studies and to encourage scholarly and academic exchange among those working on or interested in the developments taking place that are defining the Gulf region and their constituent societies.

5th August, 2018


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