Announcement: HLC Token Switch to ERC20

Dear HLC token holders:

Based on the request by the HLC Community we will convert the HLC token from QRC20 standard token running on Quantum protocol to ERC20 standard token running on Ethereum protocol in order to better carry out ecological construction planning and to enrich the token application scenarios. The conversion ratio of original QRC20 Token and ERC20 Token is 1:1.

Two options to convert the HLC token to ERC20.

1.Conversion on Exchanges

· If all your HLC tokens are on the Exchanges you don't need to do anything. Your tokens will be automatically be converted to ERC20 tokens.

· If you've HLC tokens on wallets you can deposit them on the Exchanges where HLC tokens can be traded. Your HLC tokens can be automatically be converted to HLC ERC20 tokens.

When conversion has been completed you can transfer your HLC ERC20 token back to your wallet. 

2. Conversion on Web Exchange

Register to and follow the instructions.

We recommend using the 1st method to complete the conversion.  If you use the second method, you'll see your token balance on im-token after the conversion will be completed.

The conversion process will start on the 8th of August 2018. During the conversion process, HLC tokens cannot be traded. Also, deposits and withdrawals will be on hold during the conversion process.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact the customer care.

The HLC  ERC20 Contract: 0x58c69ed6cd6887c0225d1fccecc055127843c69b

HLC project technical support:

HLC Foundation


Below's the Exchanges HLC is listed on:

Address:Business Center Dubai World Central P.O. Box:390667 Dubai-UAE


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