Mr. Ronnie Tan, the HLC Global Advisor Invited as Speaker at Astana Islamic Economic Forum 2018

Mr. Ronnie , the HLC Global Advisor was invited as a Speaker at Astana Islamic Economic Forum on the topic  "Islamic Economy in the Technological Age". He has explained the important of the current demands from the consumers to understand the model of the Supply Chain. Mr.Tan mentioned that as the Halal Market Place continues to expand globally, it is necessary for HLC Foundation to accelerate the Technology process in the Supply Chain Traceability and Transparency.  


Astana Islamic Economic Forum was held in Astana, Kazakhstan during the Astana Finance Day from July 3rd - 4th 2018.


The main goal of the forum is to conduct a comprehensive discussion on the economic and geopolitical growth of the Muslim countries, their role in the global economy, and perspectives for the emergence of new markets, as well as discussion on Blockchain technologies and innovations in the field of finance.


The Forum focused on the significant of Islamic finance, in support of one of the core pillars of AIFC. The leading experts will discuss the main stages aimed at balanced economic growth by using the opportunities of Islamic finance and financial technologies to create a sustainable future.


Mr. Tan strongly believes that both HLC Foundation and Haladinar will compliment each other in the Halal industry Ecosystem.

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