HalalChain was invited to discuss on "Blockchain for Social Impact"at the United Nations


HalalChain @ United Nations, NY

New York: Its was an honor for HalalChain to be invited at the United Nations to discuss on "Blockchain for Social Impact". It was a global gathering of top 400 key Blockchain professionals. Our Co-Founder Mr. Saad Mohib has attended the event and had a session on Supply Chain and Traceability, with the relevant organizations present at the United Nations.

Blockchain for Impact is a collaborative convening and advocacy platform for conscious leadership from all sectors to explore, co-create and promote the application of blockchain technology to initiatives with profound and positive social impact.

In the interest of developing a safe, fair and sustainable future for all, in alignment with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, Blockchain for Impact envisions and encourages the development of radically creative decentralized solutions




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