His Highness Sheikh Mohammed's Launching of the "UAE Blockchain Startegy" HalalChain Co-founder Response

Dubai worlds blockchain capital, the only city in the world which has a ambition to be on blockchain by 2020.


Mr.Saad Mohib,  Co-founder of HalalChain was exclusively interviewed by Wael, Chief Editor of Al Bayan, Science and technology.

"The technology is an ideal way to integrate and activate Islamic values of justice, equality, trust and equity in Islamic finance that embodies the spirit of Shariah," said Saad Mohib, a specialist in building traceability of the global halal industry.  Which further strengthens Islamic finance activities in the UAE.


Mr. Mohib stressed that the launch of the UAE blockchain Strategy 2020 and the efforts of HalalChain will eliminate confusion about the legitimacy of the use of this technology, enhance the efficiency of government performance, pave the way for the spread of this technology in the private sector, stimulate innovation and provide a secure environment for digital transactions.  Digital economy is the way forward and HalalChain will contribute to best of its ability to bring transparency, equality and adoption blockchain technology in this region and beyond. "


It reported on the head page on Al Bayan which is the leading Arabic daily news paper, with most circulated in UAE and helps spread key critical issues pertaining to the country.


Al Bayan Newspaper 12 April 2018



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