The relevant code of Halalchain github library has been uploaded and will be updated on a working day.

1. The Halalchain Explorer has completed the internal test.


In order to improve the Halalchain ecosystem, helping users intuitively understand the use of the Halalchain and the rapid query transaction progress, Halalchain Explorer was officially launched on March 31.




Block chain is a distributed and decentralized transaction accounting system. The main function of block chain browser is to objectively reflect the basic situation of blockchain system. Halalchain Explorer allows users to directly read Halalchain operation condition, through the ID, the block hash, transaction ID, IoT electronic tag query HLC transaction details, including block height, trading volume, electronic labels, timestamp, poke, operation contents, address location operator, electronic label owner, such as the current state. Showing the block height, number of nodes, number of transactions and number of smart contracts in real-time of HLC;


The Halalchain project application have been  in progress orderly. In addition to the browser,  the main chain and consortium chain are under intense development. The traceability platform has four companies signed with Dubai and China platform test protocol.


2. The demo of Halalchain traceability platform has been officially launched, we really welcome the feedback of user experience.

 Currently, the HalalChain traceability platform demo version has been launched, users can log in to the to experience with the account: demo1/demo2 password: HLC - 2018,  if you have any question in use process and better suggestion, welcome to send mail to, we will respond in a timely manner.


3. The relevant code of Halalchain github library has been uploaded and will be updated on a working day.

Halalchain currently making the HLC - token contract, Halalchain Tracebility, Halalchain - Core, Halalchain Explorer, Halalchain Fabric parts updated, follow-up will be adjusted according to the project schedule at any time, thank you for your interest in Halalchain project since may at any time to check the relevant code.


HlC code address

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