HalalChain food traceability platform propaganda

It's a source of food traceability, and that simple explanation is to make people know what was ate. Where does the food come from? Is it safe?

But to do the above three points, but need to integrate planting, breeding, slaughtering, processing, warehousing, logistics, sales and other links and numerous enterprises, formed that whole food traceability Consortium Blockchain.

To this end, the HLC food traceability platform, is launched in 2018.


HLC makes full use of the Internet of things intelligent hardware (IOT) to participate in the whole process, implement omni-directional supervision and carry out data collection, so that the members of the alliance chain and consumers are familiar with each link of upstream and downstream.

People love to eat beef and mutton, for example.

Small lamb registered in the HLC food traceability platform will be equipped with intelligent ear tags from birth.

It can accurately master that time, geographic position, growth date and health condition of lamb in the whole cultivation course; Even the quarantine of the medicine and the lamb to be sold to the slaughterhouse is clear.

Slaughter links will also detail perfectly. The day before the slaughter, the professional security guard will check the health status of the lamb, eliminate the safety risk; After the slaughter, the next day, the quarantine inspection will be carried out again, and the professional treatment of acid discharge and division will be carried out again.

Logistics is often the easiest to ignore, but HLC takes it seriously.

We provide each transportation bin with the most advanced intelligent instrument, timely detect the temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide (sulphur dioxide) concentration in the bin and feedback it to the monitoring room to ensure that the logistics and distribution meet the requirements of food transportation and completely eliminate mixed loading and unloading.

The sales link follows the diversified demand of modern market. And it creates networks, entities, retail, wholesale multi-dimensional, multi-level sales channels, makes the safest food appear on more people's table.

We are going to set off a food revolution for the people. Are you ready?

Please send the Email to support@hlc.com to apply for user name and password Then visit demo.hlc.com and info.hlc.com

Operation Guide:Please follow the arrows to experience the function of food traceability platform.

Note:When completing the first step of the lairage operation,please record the animal ear tag to complete the subsequent out of the Fence ,For Slaughter,Slaughter,Inquiry and other operations.


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